Who We Are

Knowledge and experience give PM Kinetics the technical know-how to make sure your project performs as designed, while also satisfying business requirements. And our 27+ years helming IT projects nationwide are an asset to every client, helping them define a vision, formulate a business plan, and deliver technical solutions – on time and within budget. 

Here are a few additional tidbits that will help you get to know PM Kinetics and what it’s like to have us on board:

  • We’ve got a pretty serious code of ethics that we live by
  • We’re eager to know what you know and enjoy working your ideas into our solutions
  • We balance structured processes with creative solutions to quickly deliver tangible results
  • We use facts and analysis to form recommendations, not “I’ve seen this before” short cuts
  • Our methods – based on frameworks like COBIT – provide a structured yet flexible approach

Perhaps most importantly, we’re proud of our experiences and careers, and recognize the value that people bring to every technology project. We celebrate mutual success for clients and ourselves, and are passionate about driving business value. We know that IT doesn’t have to be a cost center.

Visit our case studies to explore how we’ve helped clients with data center consolidations and restructurings, e-Commerce improvements, enterprise architecture, organization-wide IT operations reviews, vendor selection and management, and service contract consolidations.

It all sounds abstract, but some sample benefits PM Kinetics’ projects have helped clients achieved are real:

  • Cost reductions of 20% with consolidated service contracts
  • Easier customer support through simplified help desk infrastructure
  • Greater accountability on functional groups, improving performance
  • No more single points of failure, thanks to skilled network blueprints
  • Infrastructure that embraces growing security and bandwidth demands
  • Business cases that pinpoint the best-fit tools, driving down costs and complexity
  • Vastly improved technology readiness, reducing the residual risk of natural disasters
  • Network segmentations that quickly isolate issues, reducing down times and outages
  • Streamlined, reliable systems management that stops confusion over who does what, when
  • Automated dashboard reports on network health, making root cause analysis more transparent

Our insight works because we understand the nuances of your challenges in this ever-evolving environment. We develop right-fit solutions and sustain long-term client relationships because of the detail and credibility we bring to the table.

If that sounds good to you, get in touch today. Let’s work together to turn today’s IT headache into tomorrow’s competitive advantage.