The Phenomenon of BYOD

October 24th, 2012

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) phenomenon started when smartphones and tablets with more convenient form factor became ubiquitous among consumers. These devices with their touch-screen interfaces and powerful processors allow employees who brought them to work to be more productive on the go.  Assuming of course they could somehow get connected to the in-house WiFi.

Supporting BYOD offers a way to enrich an employee user experience and can help drive down costs, depending on the solution.  Employees want their email, contacts, and calendar on their devices, and are increasingly asking for access to their business applications too. BYOD can also open an enterprise up to additional risks and can create a bigger headache from a support viewpoint.  Over time escalating factors can slowly drive costs up higher than when you started the initiative.  Giving access to employee devices is tantamount to your letting your employees slip your enterprise into their pockets every time they leave the office. From their devices they access the corporate network, business applications, and your most sensitive enterprise data whenever and wherever they need to.

“Just saying no” to BYOD is not a likely long-term response as it is probably already occurring in your enterprise and the best approach to is to develop a catalog of services or support now. Develop a Use Case or User Story defining groups you are trying to respond to. For example:

  • Remote field worker
  • Special needs like a short-term development effort
  • Mobile employees
  • Work from home employees

There are solutions to mitigate risks and to address these compelling needs. The impact of the items listed below can be addressed with a segmented plan, tailored solution that fit into an overall roadmap.

  • IT consumerization (iPad, Macs, Android devices)
  • Issues surrounding upgrades to Windows 7 (8) and Office 201x
  • Security and intellectual property concerns
  • Mobile workers
  • Growing support with shrinking IT budgets

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