Cloud Encryption – Definition and Best Practices

Many companies have turned to the cloud to be more agile, more cost-effective and to take advantage of services that can be provisioned quickly. With all this, the inherent issue is the need to protect sensitive data from a variety of threats the internet contains. PM Kinetics offers cloud security solutions that can improve your

Cyber Security Exposure – Who is to blame!

March 12th, 2015

On an almost semi-weekly basis, there is something printed about yet another set of photos released to the public, much to the embarrassment of the person who got exposed.  And of course, the photos always seem to contain some salacious view of the individual(s).   The articles are also usually very quick to point out the

Cloud Computing Security Issues – nothing really new or different

Security compliance, addressed either by physical controls or logical controls, will still apply whether you operate on your premises or in a virtual environment.  Virtual environments just make this harder and when you rely upon a third party the phrase “trust but verify” is an apt response to ensure that this particular computing model does