Cloud Adoption

Cloud Adoption and Risk Mitigation

Many companies have turned to the cloud to and in the process potentially exposed their sensitive data from the variety of threats the internet contains. PM Kinetics offers cloud security solutions to improve the security and recovery of important information.  Understanding the growing use of cloud infrastructure and the associated shared responsibilities will keep companies

Cloud Migration Success

April 10th, 2019

Don’t blow the budget nor disrupt the business. PM Kinetics offers guidance on cloud security solutions to improve your success rate. The keys to a successful cloud migration strategy are: Ensure that the business applications face minimal disruption or long-term outage, Migration budget does not get blown out with a wide variance. An obvious objective

Cloud Computing Definitions and Use Cases

September 9th, 2010

An active discussion on cloud computing use cases brings a somewhat more practical approach to what this service might offer to a company and how it might evolve over time.  Not everyone can use or Google mail services, which are the most frequently cited examples of cloud computing. The NIST definition describes five essential