Our approach to defining a practical solution revolves around developing an appropriate business case and knowing your organization’s ability to change and risk appetite. After all, recommending an elegant solution that you can’t afford or one that’s more than you need is doing you a disservice.

It’s only when a solution architecture is formulated against sound principles, that you can select the right strategy at the right cost.  And what might these technical architectures look like?

  • Cloud Computing Solutions
    • Cloud transformation strategy
    • Pre-flight assessment, planning, design
    • Evaluation of services
    • Migration approach – lift and shift, refactor, modernize, cloud-native
    • Generating a cloud impact analysis and cost modeling
    • Operating model and integration approach
    • Change management
    • Establishing cloud services governance
  • Sourcing Advisory Services
    • Sourcing analysis and sourcing strategy development
    • Shared services strategy and transformation
    • Vendor analysis and vendor selection
    • RFP lifecycle execution
    • IT outsourcing (ITO)
    • Sourcing RFPs
  • Governance Improvement Services
    • Defining application key goal and performance indicators
    • Mapping your management activities against COBIT®
    • Building a useful dashboard to monitor activities
  • Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP/BRP)
    • Targeting recovery time objectives (RTO) and recovery point objectives (RPO)
    • Creating technical solutions based on business survivability
    • Defining critical data associated with applications
    • Formalizing approach and plan
  • IT Service Management (ITSM)
    • Mapping delivery roles to your organization and creating measureable indicators
    • Planning to improve IT operations effectiveness using ITIL®
    • Developing service strategy and design
    • Conducting operations assessment
    • Solidifying process definition

These are many of the services we offer, but not all. Every organization has its own unique needs, and we always have a fitting solution – one based on a risk map or SWOT analysis that pinpoints threats and establishes how you’ll handle risk management.

We always create a solution definition you’ll understand. Contact us today so we can determine how to meet your IT objectives.