After you’ve got your technology solution worked out comes the real test: implementation! If putting your solution to work isn’t based on a sound implementation approach and methods there’s a good chance the execution of that plan won’t work the way you need it to.

Our program management approach addresses the structure, analysis, planning, and tracking of the initiatives, and fully depends on your sponsorship and active business participation. Sure, it requires a time commitment from you. But it’s some time up front, spent making sure things are working according to plan – which is a much better use of your time that putting out fires when things don’t work.

If the project requires it and you agree, we will be there to serve as project management. In this way we can use implementation planning to optimize your IT resource allocation, enhance capacity management of scarce IT resources, and improve the execution of supporting of IT strategies to the business.

How you turn IT plans into reality takes a disciplined approach, one that balances costs with derived value, resource management, and attention to schedules. We will guide you through the preparation and execution of comprehensive and detailed transition plans to minimize risks and ensure you achieve the full benefits of your new technology.

Our systems integration projects make extensive use of the PMBOK Guide and Agile/SCRUM concepts:

  • We develop realistic scopes, resource plans, and time schedules to implement initiatives using the guiding principles from Project Management Institute’s (PMI) PMBOK® Guide or Agile / SCRUM
  • We engineer actionable risk and communication plans executed throughout programs’ lives
  • We’re adept at mentoring staff during planning and execution
  • We make sure to implement applicable security policies and technical plans to implement a more robust security posture
  • We also create plans to improve your information security (HIPPA, PCI & SOX)

We also offer…

  • Definition of the processes required to sustain desired best practices for program management
  • Development of tracking measurements related to defined scope
  • Executive strategy definition for program management
  • Program management baseline assessment
  • Project governance design

We know, it’s a lot to take in. And some of it may not apply to your situation. So get in touch with us today; we’ll narrow the field of possibility and get you on the road to making your IT goals a reality.