Solving any problem begins with making sure you fully understand it. That’s where our assessment services come in.

We approach your problem with tools and techniques that allow us to help you pinpoint true problems, real needs, and actionable solutions. Understanding what you have versus what you need, targeting operating costs, and identifying efficiencies and effectiveness against benchmarks create the “blueprint” plan of action you need to get the job done right.

Assessment begins with measuring your current performance, identifying strengths, and uncovering opportunities to improve. To do this we rely on globally-accepted best practices and established frameworks including COBIT, ITIL®, Val IT Framework 2.0, NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF), PCI®, and HIPPA®, to name just a few.

From there we can begin business case development to make sure the project’s needs and parameters align with your business’ overall goals. We also work with you to identify your risk appetite and tolerance; generate a risk map; and compile a SWOT analysis that leaves no stone unturned. In this way we’re able to be not just your technology solution provider, but your risk management partner.

Our goals revolve around getting you the best-fit solution possible and include…

  • Evaluating the proposed solution’s ability to support, operate, and deliver services efficiently and effectively
  • Providing a risk-based assessment of your ability to achieve your desired outcome
  • Contributing input for solution definition, defining cost-effective blueprints that will satisfy your targeted business needs
  • Completing an IT service management (ITSM) assessment
  • Doing a thorough security assessment based on CSF

Sometimes an assessment will take the form of a risk analysis and heat map depicting your risk profile against your risk appetite.  Or it may take the form of a readiness assessment based on the maturity of your operations and your aptitude to make a change. But you can be sure of one thing: Our assessments are conducted around your goals and needs.