Not cut out to be a project manager?

August 8th, 2009

Traits that make an effective project manager

1.  Active listening for concerns that eventually lead to differentiating concerns that affect a person or a group rather than the objective of the project

2.  Communicating objectives in different ways to different audiences using different media

3.  Using humor, if possible, to diffuse tension

4.  The ability to think fast on your feet to discuss/dispute a point, without making it personal or taking it personal

5.  Detailed oriented in keeping notes, issues, schedules, scope and all the documentation paraphernalia so important to project execution and project close

 Traits that undermine a person’s ability to manage projects well

1.  Trying to be everyone’s friend on a project….you were hired or put in charge to execute a plan or achieve an objective, not to make friends and win over enemies

2.  Taking setbacks personally or looking for scapegoats on the “bumps along the road to success”; problems happen, get over it and look for solutions.

3.  Getting angry, losing your temper in public, apologizing….it is too late and demeans you as a logical, analytical problem solver

4.  There are no “favorites” in a project team…there are team members, if given the chance, probably all want to achieve and share in success equally

5.  If you cannot summarize a contentious discussion and net the salient points into a simple elevator-like explanation….you cannot succinctly communicate and get buy-in for the problem solution

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