Services Contract Consolidation

Business growth looks effortless from the outside but can become a real telecommunications services nightmare internally, resulting in…

  • higher than normal spending due to lack of leveraging an overall spend,
  • separate contracts with different termination dates and spending rates,
  • labor intensive account reconciliation and chargeback,
  • inconsistent Service Level Agreements (SLAs), and
  • fractured account support from vendors.

Such was the situation with our communication service provider client, who had eight contracts – something no one in accounting or operations was happy about. And they knew telecommunications savings were possible.

Our solution?

  • Start with data collection on all circuits, services, and current costs to identify what they had, what they needed, and what was redundant – or a poor value
  • We then created a Request for Proposal to obtain three options from old and potential vendors, evaluated each, and prepared a business case for our recommended course of action
  • Our client then had us stay on to facilitate vendor analysis, final vendor selection, and contract negotiation

The benefits were real and immediate. Our client realized a 20% cost savings over a three-year term, due in part to improved price points resulting from consolidating services to fewer vendors. And all of their contracts now end in the same time period, streamlining record keeping.

All in all, PM Kinetics delivered exactly what our client was looking for – in just three months.

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