Operations Maturity Assessment

It’s true: You really can have too much of a good thing. Such was the case with our client in the consumer goods industry. They had more than 12 operational help desks, each with their own service delivery process. They were using multiple tools to track calls and conduct service management. There was no consistency in service level management. And actions were driven by multiple business units – often with competing priorities.

To help them get their arms around their true needs we focused our efforts on…

  • conducting staff activity analysis and roles and responsibility assessment, and
  • generating an ITIL assessment focused on creating a mature IT Service Management (ITSM) organization model that would align their IT services with their needs.

Upon project completion – a process that took just four weeks – the organization is thoroughly satisfied with the results:

  • They now have a simplified roadmap that converges into a smaller number of help desk tools, making customer support easier.
  • The resulting business case tool selection protocol drove down cost and complexity.
  • A simplified dashboard shows current state maturity and what would be tackled next against the ITIL framework, serving as an easy-to-reference roadmap.
  • They also have greater accountability on functional groups, driving performance and drastically reducing the problem of not knowing who’s supposed to do what.

With these annoying and recurring issues taken care of, everyone can focus on the business of pleasing customers and making money – exactly what all businesses want to focus on.

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