Operations Assessment – Data Center Relocation

All businesses are really several enterprises in one, with operations and IT being just two of several working parts. It’s not a mystery why IT sometimes gets short shrift, since it can move from cutting edge to completely outdated in a matter of months.

That’s what happened with our shipping port client, who was using an older IBM mainframe and database technology that were no longer supported by manufacturers. They had other issues, too:

  • a data center located in a hurricane-prone area,
  • a lack of network diversity,
  • a new cargo container scanning and tracking application in development, which would need to work in tandem with other aspects of IT, and
  • development staff that also doubled as operations staff – meaning they couldn’t give their all to either.

Fed up with the status quo, the port contracted with PM Kinetics for help. Here’s what we did.

  • First, we conducted an ITIL operations assessment to determine any pitfalls to avoid in outsourcing the IBM mainframe.
  • Then we created an ITSM plan that aligned IT service delivery with organizational needs.
  • Next we developed a business case for outsourcing the mainframe and making use of a private cloud that could off-load operations work for the remaining Intel and RISC-based applications.
  • We also generated a checklist for outsourcing contracts, a SWOT analysis to aid decision making, and a RACI matrix for Service Delivery and Support staff, all of which could be used again in the future.

The port was thrilled for the actionable guidance and now has…

  • a roadmap that management can use to pursue outsourcing IBM mainframe operations and ancillary applications,
  • a network blueprint that reduces the potential for single point of failure, and
  • vastly improved technology readiness, reducing the residual risk due to hurricanes.

With these new systems and fail-safes in place the port is ready to weather any storm, whether it’s a hurricane or an IT problem.

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