Network Design and Implementation

When you’re a $12.7 billion manufacturer and distributor of building products, pulp, and paper with more than 47,000 employees working from 400 facilities, your IT network is going to need careful planning and governance, and probably a good amount of upkeep. Our client was in such a situation:

  • They had more than 27 different divisions, each with a separate network.
  • There was no consistency in their support model for network tools or processes.
  • Multiple telecommunication vendor contracts were confusing and creating more work than necessary.

What they needed was a thorough review of their network, stringent capacity planning, and tools for optimal resource management – all items we delivered using a thoughtful approach:

  • Step one was collecting network inventory on services and establishing contract summaries
  • Step two involved designing a wide area network that could support all business units using a common set of technology.
  • Step three was creating RFPs for services, develop an evaluation matrix for vendor selection, and negotiating one all-encompassing contract.

After our network consolidation, design, and implementation project, which lasted 18 months, our client had all of the above in place. They experienced other benefits as well:

  • The transition to an enterprise network saved over 18% annually.
  • Our set of project management tools reduced the complexity of support issues and the number of staff needed to handle it.

The new network also became the foundation for a global SAP deployment, proving the value of the project investment several times over.

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