Messaging and e-Discovery

Email may be a great advancement in communication, but its rise has also created extra IT headaches for companies, like our client in the pharmaceutical industry. After many years of using email for internal and external communication they realized their email infrastructure was an unwieldy beast:

  • They had more than 65 Exchange servers in use, scattered around the globe.
  • Administering and provisioning mail boxes was costly and time consuming.
  • Finding documents housed in the email system had to be done manually, took forever, and searches often came up empty – even for messages associated with legal matters.
  • The size of mailbox growth was continually accelerating.
  • Security was an issue, with local files stored on a number of laptops.

The company realized that they needed to be proactive in making their email scalable, accessible, and something that worked for them – instead of the other way around. They contacted us for help and we developed a plan of attack:

  • The first step was to get as much usage data as possible to find out how they were using email and what they wanted to be able to do. We collected data on all servers, means of storage, storage devices, mail box sizes, estimates on .pst use, circuits and services, and current costs.
  • We then created a request for proposal to collect vendor ideas, evaluating responses and making a business case of recommendation.
  • Lastly we facilitated the final vendor selection and helped negotiate the best services and pricing for our client.

After twelve months the transition to a new way of managing email was complete, with three significant benefits:

  • The legal risk associated with missing documents during legal discovery was gone, replaced with an easy-to-use method for locating emails.
  • The company finally had central message storage and the increased flexibility this offers in managing email accounts, replacing the messy and cumbersome system of distributed storage using computers around the globe and dozens of local laptops.
  • They also now had simplified administration using MS Exchange, making it exponentially easier to create, provision, and manage hundreds of email accounts.

Our client is no longer a slave to their email system, and productivity is up – two goals they could finally check off their “to do” list.

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