Merger & Acquisition Consolidation

Company was completing an acquisition and integration of two other companies with the objective of consolidating computer platforms, reduce data center costs, make overall costs more variable and increase flexibility.

For the largest oil refinery and distributor in the U.S., managed shutting down a satellite data center, lift-and-shift portions to AWS and consolidated server domains for 2,000+ servers and 350 applications.  This involved both operational and system integration changes for the combined organizations.

  1. Took over project that was four months behind schedule (overall plan was 18 months) and was part of a program consisting of six other projects. Cleaned up database of systems, business owners and IT support personnel.
  2. Revised schedule using Agile burn-up charts to illustrate required systems migrated per week, in order to make the deadline.
  3. Established twice weekly migration / meeting schedule cadence to meet the deadline with IT and business owners. Recouped original four months delay.
  4. Missed migrating four systems out of 350 involving 2,000+ servers by the deadline. Those remaining were completed in the following months by the IT support teams.

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