Implement Office 365

Sometimes companies continue to use software that they’ve long outgrown, simply because that’s the way they’ve always done it, or because the number of computers deployed or custom programs installed. A large pharmaceutical company client had been using Lotus Notes for messaging. When the majority of their laptops needed a technology refresh they took a fresh look at support costs, future needs of a mobile workforce, implementation costs and decided to migrate to Office 365.

We stepped in as a technology advisor and a project manager controlling multiple vendors for training deployment, Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, ensuring the project would wrap within a reasonable timeframe and with an equally-impressive end result. This was a global deployment.

Here’s how we did it:

  • The first step was to create a project plan and a communication and training plan; this one-two approach would deliver the systems they needed and ensure everyone who need to use it would know how.
  • We then implemented a single-sign on with the existing Active Directory infrastructure
  • At this point it was time to deploy Office 365 worldwide, which we achieved in less than eighteen months.
  • Additional work the client will take on is implementation of SharePoint Online and upgrades to their existing SharePoint infrastructure.
  • Managed resources, and reported on $6M budget…project completed on-time

After the project wrapped our client realized they now had the functionality and benefits they needed:

  • Messaging and office applications were reduced to a variable cost model
  • Total cost of ownership was now less than that of the previous office infrastructure
  • Upon project completion, our client had a scalable collaboration system that spanned the globe and allowed quick meetings.  This also satisfied the requirement to make the cost of collaboration resilient and variable in cost.

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