External Website Consolidation

There are a few issues that come with acquisitions: consolidating multiple websites, inconsistent branding and fractured brand identity. Our financial services client learned this first-hand, after a series of mergers left them with 11 external websites – each with different brand messaging and inconsistent product descriptions, and none that gave a clear picture of the company from an extranet perspective.

They retained us to help tidy up their web real estate, a task we approached thus:

  • We obtained the services of a professional marketing and branding company to collapse the number of websites and rebuild just what was needed.
  • Develop wireframes for each line of business and complete graphic selection, via the Executive Management team.
  • Develop personas and refine with executive Management team.
  • Then we created a content management methodology that enabled the business to update sites, manage content accuracy and publish new content as needed without involving IT.

After just fourteen months our agreed-upon program management parameters had been met:

  • A single external website was built on time and within budget, replacing the hodge-podge of external facing websites with one cohesive site.
  • Rackspace was contracted to provide a private cloud for data storage, while disaster recovery switching was in place using Amazon Web Services (AWS) Route 53.
  • AWS was also incorporated for network content distribution (CDN) with their S3 product.
  • Publishing and workflow content management was introduced using SharePoint 2013.

Upon on-time completion of this combined $4.5M project, the client had a consistent and concise marketing deliver system, both for external and internal consumption.

A secondary benefit was to minimize IT’s involvement with content changes, making the direct business groups responsible for their own messaging updates.

Our client was happy with the solutions we chose, and with the fact that it was implemented on time and under budget – just the results any company would love!

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