e-Commerce Readiness Assessment

Our client in the chemical industry was on top of their business game, but the same couldn’t be said for their operations processes and technology readiness for e-commerce:

  • A complex SAP implementation covered the back-office functions, but failed to create the necessary interface for B2B support.
  • Infrastructure wasn’t readily able to handle the security and bandwidth demands of e-commerce transaction volumes from external clients.
  • Processes for external client audit and control weren’t established.
  • Network and systems management wasn’t mature enough to effectively respond to external client support demands.

They sought out our help, and we embarked on a three week project that included…

  • an operations assessment to collect information on network inventory and associated systems and network management tools,
  • conducting a staff activity analysis and roles and responsibility assessment (RACI), and
  • completing an ITIL operations assessment.

Within four months of wrapping up the project our client was thoroughly enjoying the benefits. Simplified roadmaps for staff, processes, and network upgrades were in place for conducting B2B e-commerce. The initial focus for improvement was based on the IT Service Management (ITSM) component rather than trying to tackle all deficient areas, which allowed for a more digestible change management approach that concentrated on the critical areas first and then worked out the more long-term, less critical areas. And greater accountability on functional groups resulted in less variation in responsibility – in other words, the company knew who was responsible for what, and when.

Now they’re operating more effectively and efficiently, and e-commerce capabilities are enabling ever-increasing online sales. That’s something any business can be proud of!

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