Data Center Integration

A pharmaceutical has acquired a piece of business from another pharmaceutical, which is a fairly typical scenario in the pharma M&A landscape.  What was not typical is that after 16 months of planning and multiple program managers, they had little to show for the integration of the newly acquired business. Time was running out to complete the integration and they needed to expand their data center footprint in Europe to accommodate the increased capacity and develop a method to integrate the system access in a seamless manner for the end-user.  They felt the pressured for time – until they enlisted the help of our technical consultancy services.

The broad term for this project was integration of a third-party business. In concrete terms, this is what we did:

  • A mapping of 700+ applications used by the newly acquired business was mapped against the type of compute service consumed (i.e., SaaS, data to be transferred to new system, application to be migrated). This provided input to building out capacity in the client’s data center.
  • Build out both physical and cloud–based data centers in Germany and transition the acquired company’s application portfolio. Established a temporary data center and network using a trusted authentication service that enabled easy access during site migration. This involved the implementation / deployment of VMware vCloud Air (IaaS).
  • Next came the data transfer and data migration network.
  • Lastly, came execution which included the migration of applications, servers, and provisioning the network.

Upon project completion, our client had a scalable data center solution encompassing the network, servers, and storage to accommodate the acquisition’s workload – and all was done on-time and 3% under budget.

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