Data Center Consolidation

For pharmaceutical companies, technology assets are almost as important as intellectual property. This is especially true of housing data, which is the building blocks scientist staff use in creating new pharmaceuticals.

One such company had reached a blockage with their data center and came to PM Kinetics for help. Our investigation into their current set-up found several problems:

  • Their main data center was located in an area with a single network provider, creating severe limitations in the company’s options for data center connectivity
  • This current data center also did not have the capacity to support a larger number of operating groups spread geographically around the country
  • The data center could not be expanded any further, and the lease on the space was running out
  • We accepted the challenge of bringing this firm’s data center capabilities into the 21st century and got to work orchestrating a plan:
  • First, we developed a business case for obtaining colocation data center space in another region of the country
  • Then we developed a project plan to collapse several small data centers across North America and the original primary one into a single data center using retail colocation services. This model could then become the blueprint for EMEA.
  • The plan also included an upgrade to the existing disaster recovery site.
  • The final piece involved creating briefing and strategy documents for company executives to review and approve

Once leadership approved the plan we spent the next year bringing it to life. This included building out a scalable data center solution including the network, servers (physical and virtual), and storage using a mixture of OPEX and CAPEX funding. Backing this up, a robust communication plan was put into place so the approach and benefits were clearly understood by all relevant staff. And to wrap up the project we brought a comprehensive disaster recovery plan to life, ensuring everyone involved understood how it works – and letting them all rest easier knowing their data storage problems were a thing of the past.

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