Data Center Consolidation

When your business is located in an area with a single network provider it may seem like there are few to no options for eliminating single points of failure and expanding your data center – the exact problem our pharmaceutical client found themselves needing to address. Because their current data center didn’t have the capacity to support a growing number of operating groups spread across the United States and Canada, they felt like their hands were tied – until they enlisted our help.

The broad term for this project was consolidation and sourcing analysis. In concrete terms, this is what we did:

  • A business case was developed that integrated existing operating costs into a model that factored in risk of exposure for downtime and cost to operate an ever-expanding infrastructure platform. This was input to a series of briefing documents to executive technology and business management
  • Upon approval the initial step was to create an application and server migration plan – for physical and virtual assets – that would collapse multiple data centers across North America.
  • Next came execution, which included the build-out of a retail colocation space and migration of applications, servers, and the provision network
  • Along with the step above, we designed a corresponding disaster recovery data center.
  • Finally, we developed templates for servers, applications, and networks wiring systems that can be used for an EMEA data center.

Upon project completion our client had a scalable data center solution encompassing the network, servers, and storage. Their risk of data center failure is now greatly reduced, and they have disaster recovery sites that are built out – and all was done on-time and 5% under budget.

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