Customer Service Management Implementation

Client was using on-premises Microsoft Dynamics that had been heavily customized and was three years out of support. ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM) was selected to replace this system with the expectation it would be fully converted in less than a year.

For a major retail petroleum company implemented ServiceNow CSM for their customer and store call center, supporting approximately 350 agents, complete with call activated screen pops and custom KPI dashboards and monitors. Replaced Project Manager after the project was 6 months behind schedule.

  1. Developed architecture plan for email delivery and enterprise database extracts to populate CSM forms.
  2. Completed 3rd party contracts and requirements for voice activated screen pops and KPI dashboards.
  3. Worked with ServiceNow integration vendor to revise budget and plan that matched technical implementation. Established steering committee review board and set bi-weekly meeting cadence for review.
  4. Executed implementation and applied an release update for a completed up-to-date project supporting over 350 call center agents. Met revised target date and completed under $1.7M budget.

This paved the way to expand this product into other departments at the client to help drive down labor costs, improve overall customer satisfaction and leverage additional ServiceNow modules.

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