Acquisition Integration

Pharmaceutical purchased a business unit from another company in Europe and Japan.  Objective was to integrate onto a common IT platform and use common business applications.

For a pharmaceutical, developed and launched migration process associated with an acquisition in Europe and Japan covering 95 sites – ~4,000 staff and several hundred applications.  This involved site migrations, device re-image, network turn-up, local app and file server transition, and Office 365 email migrations.  The team completed migrations for 15 countries, 600 staff, 950 devices, and 11 local servers. Created a repeatable process for remaining migrations. Deployed VMware vCloud Air (IaaS) and help set up a colo data center in Frankfurt Germany.

  1. Developed key architectural design document templates. Each site in Europe was somewhat unique.  Templates covered network connection, platform access, application migration, business and IT approval checklists.
  2. Consolidated data into OneNote referenced site by country and developed migration schedule with on-site teams.
  3. Created meeting cadence with European team and on-site migration schedules. Involved five external vendors working in tandem with client IT and business teams.
  4. Completed migrations for 15 countries, 600 staff, 950 devices, and 11 local servers on time and handed off processes back to client IT and business teams.

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